We are Carles and Maria, two brothers from Penedès who, since 2020, have decided to run the family business. Our family is dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards and wine production since the 17th century! In fact, it is likely that many more centuries ago. In the 70s, a group of archaeologists found remains of Roman amphorae for wine storage in one of our vineyards, which we still cultivate! So, given our geographical position – very close to the ancient Via Augusta – and the viticultural remains found, it is very likely that wine produced here was drank in Rome in the 3rd century AD.

So, we are in an area with a very old winemaking tradition. Our family settled here, in Castellví de la Marca, in the 17th century. The first reference we have is from Pere Morgades del Grau, who acquired land for the production of wine.

A few centuries later, having gone through multiple changes, revolutions, wars, governments, languages, customs, technology… the vineyard is still here, intact and bearing fruit every September.

Now, in this convulsed and complicated 2020, my brother Carles and I have decided to take the reins of the business.

We hope that our enthusiasm and passion will help us to draw a new and prosperous chapter in the history of Vila Morgades.

We want to continue making Vila Morgades a project where quality, respect for tradition and nature are the foundations for a future full of wine, passion and bubbles!

As our grandmother used to say: “Go ahead like those from Alicante!”

Maria and Carles Rosés 

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