Harvest season is over

After a month harvesting – manually – all the Cal Vila vineyards, a week ago we said goodbye to the most important time of the year for us: harvesting season. And in fact, we are very happy because it has been a great harvest year. We had healthy, beautiful and disease-free grapes. Which does not always happen. After a horrible 2020 – among other things, the mildew plague affected us a lot – this 2021 has been the opposite: we have had one of the best harvests we can remember.

We harvest by hand, since most of our vines are old and old-style planted and it makes it impossible to do it by machine. Still, we prefer it: this allows us to pick and select carefully grape by grape.

It has been a longer harvest than usual since the rain has made us have to stop and wait for the land to dry. 

Now it’s time to prepare the vines for winter and prepare us also for the olive harvest season.

We want to thank Ayoub, Othmane, Ilyas, Noel and Lahcen for their tireless and good work.


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