New olive oil is ready!

After harvesting the olives during October and November 2021, we have the new olive oil!

For 20 days we harvested the olive trees of Cal Vila, some of them more of 100 years old. This year we went a little faster because we harvested with a manual machine – left to us by our uncle – that shakes the olives and makes them fall. We took the olives to the Pere Lluch Oil Mill, in Guardiola de Font-Rubí, which made us the ‘molta’ (which means “grind the olives”). When we have finished harvesting them all, the Pere Lluch mill has packed our oil with some very beautiful – italian – 500ml glass bottles.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed. 100% Arbequina olive, with a balanced taste, neither too strong nor too soft.

If you want to try it, you can buy it by sending us a message here, and we’ll send it to your home! The price per bottle is 8€.

Have a nice week!


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