What do we do?

In Vila Morgades we make cava following the traditional method (méthod Champenoise). What do we do?

  • We only make Reserva (aged) cavas. What does it mean? Cava that has been in the cellar for at least 36 months, resting, sleeping. Reserva cavas tend to have a less aggressive bubble, are softer and have a well-integrated carbonic. They are calmer, fresh and complex. Ideal for champagne lovers.
  • 0 sugars added. We do not add sugar nor any liquor.
  • We work by hand. In the long (very long!) process of cava-making, we use old machinery – most of it acquired by our grandmother in the 60s – and manual. We uncork each of the bottles by hand, a very uncommon practice.
  • We do limited productions, and we like to experiment. Our Rosé cava for example is based on Garnacha, an unusual grape variety for cava, and even more so in the Reserva version. It has been a success!
  • Finally, our secret ingredient is the spirit of our grandmother Fina Vila, a passionate, determined and free character! Her example serves us as a guide and a push in difficult times. 

So, these are some of our way of working, orienting the business and the instruction manual!

Hopefully you can see it reflected in every sip. 

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